The biggest element of the wedding day? Ask those who are already married, and they will tell you the same thing: Photos. In today’s time, the bride’s serious faces in some photo ops might be a trend, imitating nostalgic poses and styles of the past. But the reality is, some brides fail to smile widely during the most significant day of their lives because of bad teeth.

The fact that for most brides, the wedding gown is the highlight of the wedding day, they spend months keeping track of their diet just to make sure they fit into the dress. They carefully chose the color that may suit them well. While the gown is indeed essential, may you never forget that as much as you look stunning in white, your smile needs to look great in pictures too! Imagine your future kids asking you, “mom were you sad during your wedding day?” after seeing your photo albums.

Don’t worry, we at Lifetime Dental understand. You can do something about it. Instead of regretting the looks of your teeth and smile later on, why not avail our Bridal Packages before your big day?


Cosmetic Dentistry


Here are the treatments that we can provide under our Bridal Packages services:

Teeth Cleanings: Plaques and tartar have no room for an invitation during your wedding celebration. Flush them with a quick yet thorough teeth cleanings before they cause your smile to look undesirable.

Teeth Whitening: Why not pair your white dress with a white smile? After the procedure, you can see changes in the shades of your teeth as dramatic as you on your big day!

Invisalign: Bad bites and misaligned teeth might not be pleasing to look at in person as well as in pictures. Treat them discreetly with Invisalign.

Veneers: Crooked, chipped, discolored, and widely spaced teeth are the common irregularities that hinders one’s to show off their beautiful smile. If there is one effective solution that can treat these issues, it’s probably veneers.

Make sure that your smile is healthy, bright, and white before you proceed to the most exciting “you may now kiss the bride” moment of your life. Congratulations from us at Lifetime Dental!


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