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Improve Your Smile Today: Cosmetic Surgery

Smiling is much more than showing people your set of teeth. Smiling makes us feel better and it can help others feel good too. Having a good smile and being confident/comfortable with it. Studies have shown that smiling can lower heart rate, reduce stress, better mood, increase productivity, encourage trust, produce empathy, avoid regret, reduce pain, increase attention, can be contagious, build attraction, earn success, look younger, longevity, and even boost your immune system. Think about all of the time and money spent on making these things happen/better in your life. What people do to increase their health and happiness. Smiling can greatly increase all of those parts of life that are so important. Cosmetic surgery can help to improve your smile today. Cosmetic dentistry is fast, affordable and proven to make life better.


Cosmetic Dentistry Before and After

The before and after images of cosmetic dental procedures are truly amazing. The transformations that modern technology and techniques provide are stunning. Patients of cosmetic dentistry not only witness the physical changes that these procedures have but can feel all of the residual, positive effects of cosmetic dentistry. So, what is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on enhancing the look of teeth and smile. These elective surgeries correct chipped, broken, missing and/or crooked teeth/bites. Patients leave these procedures with a new lease on life and experience the great increase in overall happiness because they are confident in their smile. The idea of dental surgery, or any type of elective cosmetic surgery, might make some hesitant. There are a variety of treatments to enhance your smile that is minimally invasive and quick.


Cosmetic Dentistry and Cost

There are a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments to treat a variety of teeth/smile issues. Whether you have stained, chipped, broken, discolored, missing or spaced teeth, there is a treatment for you. Some of these, as previously stated, are rather quick and simple. Others are longer, more expensive and much more invasive. Here is a list of various cosmetic dentistry treatments that are available at Lifetime Dentistry: composite bonding, dental implants, dental veneers, inlays and onlays and teeth whitening. Procedures like teeth whitening are cheap, quick and not invasive at all. These can be done in under an hour and even in the comfort of your own home. Inlays and onlays are more extensive procedures that replace old dental fillings. Veneers are used to treat cracks, gaps, chips and discolored teeth. They are adhesively placed on the surface of the teeth to improve the look of the teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements for missing teeth. Composite bonding is the bonding of a naturally colored resin over the infected teeth: chipped, cracked, discolored, and/or fractured teeth.

The prices for these procedures range. Teeth whitening, being the least invasive and complex, ranges from $200-$500 depending on desired color and state of the teeth. Composite bonding ranges from $200-$375. Veneers cost approximately $900-$1,200. Cosmetic dentistry cost is much cheaper than most would consider and is not necessarily a ‘surgery’, which might scare some people. These are treatments that are not routine and quick. Patients who elect for cosmetic dentistry can see results after their first visit and carry them for a lifetime. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry far outweigh the cost. The benefits of this treatment can be experienced for the rest of life. If you want to enhance your smile, feel good about yourself and increase happiness, then contact Lifetime dentistry. Their team of professionals can guide you on the best way to enhance your teeth,

If you want to enhance your smile, feel good about yourself and increase happiness, then contact Lifetime dentistry. Their team of professionals can guide you on the best way to enhance your teeth, health, and smile.