Tired Lately?

If you feel you are always tired or having trouble staying awake during working hours or you have constant lack of energy, it may be time to see your dentist for a thorough teeth cleaning and gum evaluation.

It could seem totally unrelated that gum disease has something to do with how you feel in general. However, a growing number of studies are pointing to this very fact. With the onset of gum disease, there is also a low-grade infection, which if not treated in a timely fashion will affect ones overall state of health.

There are an abundance of blood vessels in our gum tissues. With the onset of gum disease, these blood vessels become a form of transport for harmful infection-causing bacteria and their toxic by-products, to travel to various organs in the body. Our heart is, after all, the engine to our body. Micro-organisms associated with gum disease have been found in calcified deposits in arteries, which could also lead to heart disease.

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