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ClearCorrect in Lake Forest, CA

Clear Correct

ClearCorrect™ clear aligners provide a discreet and convenient solution for bite correction. These aligners resemble teeth-whitening trays and offer an alternative to traditional braces, allowing patients to avoid the noticeable appearance of metal brackets. The greatest advantage of ClearCorrect™ is the ability to remove the aligners as needed, providing flexibility and convenience throughout the treatment process. Our commitment to enhancing overall oral health extends to helping patients achieve a beautiful smile they can be proud of. We understand that straight teeth play a significant role in self-confidence, which is why we offer attractive alternatives to patients with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns.

What is ClearCorrect™?

ClearCorrect™ utilizes a series of aligners designed to gently move crooked teeth into their proper positions. To initiate the treatment, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth, which is then sent to a lab to create custom aligners specifically for you. Each set of aligners is worn for a few weeks before progressing to the next set, which you receive during regular checkup appointments.

ClearCorrect™ offers three options for orthodontic treatment:

  • Limited 6 : Consisting of six aligners to complete treatment.
  • Limited 6 : Comprising 12 aligners to complete treatment.
  • Unlimited : Offering as many aligners as necessary. With each new pair of aligners, you move closer to achieving your desired smile. The average treatment duration for most patients is around a year, although the exact length depends on the complexity of your case.

ClearCorrect™ vs. Other Clear Aligners:

ClearCorrect™ stands out from other brands of clear aligners by providing numerous benefits and advantages. One notable feature is that ClearCorrect™ aligners extend over the gum line, allowing for increased force and leverage during the alignment process. This design minimizes the need for additional attachments, making the system less intrusive. Additionally, ClearCorrect™ provides "limited" treatment options, which offer a more cost-effective solution for simple cases. While these differences exist, ClearCorrect™ aligners and other brands of clear orthodontics function similarly.

Procedure Overview:

Certain teeth may require additional assistance to shift properly. In such cases, ClearCorrect™ engagers (also known as attachments) can be applied. These small bumps of bonding resin are temporarily placed on specific teeth to facilitate proper alignment. Our approach to placing engagers prioritizes maintaining the aesthetics of your smile. We utilize tooth-colored materials that blend seamlessly and can be easily removed without shots or drilling. To achieve optimal results and avoid prolonged and costly treatment, it is crucial to wear your ClearCorrect™ aligners for the majority of the day, including during sleep. Dental professionals commonly recommend wearing ClearCorrect™ aligners for around 22 hours every day, with removal permitted solely for essential activities such as eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. While you can also remove them for special occasions, it is important to track the duration of time without the aligners and remember to wear them consistently. The convenience of removable orthodontics can be beneficial, but adherence to the treatment plan is essential for success.


ClearCorrect™ in Lake Forest offers a discreet and flexible option for bite correction. These clear aligners resemble teeth-whitening trays and provide an alternative to traditional braces. With ClearCorrect™, patients can enjoy a nearly invisible orthodontic solution. The ability to remove the aligners as needed adds convenience to the treatment process. The duration of treatment varies depending on individual cases, with average treatment times ranging from several months to a year. By wearing the aligners for the recommended hours each day and adhering to oral hygiene practices, patients can achieve the desired results efficiently. If you are seeking a subtle and effective solution for bite correction, contact us today to determine if ClearCorrect™ aligners are the right choice for you.

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