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Gum Lift in lake Forest, CA

A gummy smile, despite being viewed unfavorably by many, often arises naturally due to genetic factors. For certain individuals, their gums failed to recede adequately when their adult teeth emerged. While some medical conditions or medications can also trigger gum tissue overgrowth, this is relatively rare. A low gum line isn't considered a deformity and doesn't generally impact oral health. This is why a gum lift falls under elective, cosmetic procedures and is usually not covered by dental insurance. However, in comparison to other cosmetic dental treatments with similar smile-transforming effects, such as veneers, gum lifts tend to be reasonably priced.

Understanding the Gum Lift Procedure:

A gum lift, alternatively known as a gingival lift or gingivectomy, focuses on removing or reshaping gum tissue to expose more of the teeth, thereby creating the illusion of longer teeth. Some individuals are born with excessive gum tissue, causing teeth to appear shorter or smaller. For those who find the excess gum tissue around their teeth bothersome, a gum lift provides a cosmetic solution.

Exploring the Gum Lift Process:

Termed a gingival lift or gingivectomy, a gum lift entails eliminating a small portion of gum tissue where the gums meet the teeth. Typically, this procedure is conducted on the upper front teeth, as they're prominently visible during smiling and speaking. Gum lifts are sometimes referred to as gum contouring, a term that may emphasize not only addressing gummy smiles but also achieving a balanced gum line. Some patients exhibit unequal gum tissue covering the tops of certain teeth, giving rise to an asymmetrical smile. Gum contouring can rectify this and produce a more harmonious smile, all without requiring braces.

A Closer Look at the Procedure:

It's important not to confuse a gum lift with crown lengthening, a distinct procedure that involves removing both bone and gum tissue. Gum lifts exclusively deal with gum tissue removal and is not aimed at treating any underlying disease. Various other types of gum surgery, linked to advanced gum disease (periodontitis), may result in cosmetic improvements but are primarily performed for health reasons.

Modern Advances and Procedure Highlights:

Gum lifts have gained popularity due to recent advancements. Modern laser technology has revolutionized the procedure, making it faster, nearly painless, and involving minimal recovery time. Unlike in the past when gum lifts required incisions and sutures, today's dentists utilize soft tissue lasers for gentle gum tissue removal. This laser technology cauterizes blood vessels as it eliminates tissue, leading to reduced bleeding, swelling, and quicker healing.

Combining Procedures for a Complete Transformation:

Gum lifts can be part of a broader cosmetic enhancement plan. They are sometimes combined with other procedures as a component of a smile makeover. For instance, they can follow orthodontic treatments like braces. If you want to lengthen your teeth, you have other options such as veneers or bonding. You can pick these options alone or along with a gum lift. If a dentist has told you that your smile shows too much gum or your teeth are small, a gum lift could be a way to make your smile look better.

Have questions about gum lifts or wish to schedule an appointment? Reach out to us at 949-787-1733 We're here to provide answers and assist you on your journey to a more confident smile.

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