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Teeth Cleanings in Lake Forest, CA

Teeth Cleanings

Having your teeth professionally cleaned is not only about achieving a bright and shiny smile. Regular teeth cleanings at our dental practice play a vital role in preventing oral health problems.

A teeth cleaning is a crucial component of routine preventive visits to our practice. During your cleaning appointment, we not only clean your teeth but also provide tips on your at-home oral care routine, discuss your diet, and address any concerns or questions you may have about your smile.

Furthermore, nothing compares to the smooth and fresh feeling you experience after a professional cleaning!

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings:

Regular dental checkups play a crucial role in preserving both your dental health and overall well-being. The frequency of your visits to our dental office is determined by your specific needs and oral health condition.

What Is Involved in a Teeth Cleaning?

A professional cleaning performed by our skilled dental hygienist or dentist is the only way to effectively remove plaque and tartar that may remain even after you brush.

In addition to maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine of brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, and regular flossing, scheduling teeth cleanings at least twice a year allows us to effectively identify and prevent common dental problems like tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease. Early detection of oral health problems enables easier and more cost-effective treatment while reducing the likelihood of future dental complications.

Procedure Overview:

The exact sequence and details of your teeth cleaning appointment may vary based on your specific circumstances. However, the general order typically involves the following steps:

  • Tartar and Plaque Removal:

    Our hygienist or dentist will gently scrape away tartar and plaque from your teeth using a scaler or "dental pick." Tartar, or hardened calculus, is a result of plaque accumulation on the teeth over an extended period of time. A scaler effectively removes this tough debris that regular brushing cannot eliminate. For stubborn or extensive tartar buildup, an ultrasonic scaler may be used. This device employs ultrasonic waves to break up calculus, facilitating quicker and less abrasive removal.

  • Stain Removal and Smoothing:

    A special polisher and paste are used to remove stains and smoothen the surfaces of your teeth. The polisher employs a small rotating rubber cup to apply a mildly abrasive paste, similar to regular toothpaste but slightly thicker.

  • Rinsing and Suctioning:

    Throughout the cleaning process, your teeth will be periodically rinsed with a gentle jet of water, and any excess water and saliva will be suctioned away. This helps eliminate plaque, tartar, and polishing paste residue. To enhance visibility and better assess certain teeth, a quick burst of air may be used to dry them, making it easier to identify any buildup or surface irregularities.

  • Flossing:

    The final step involves flossing your teeth with traditional dental floss to remove any remaining polishing paste. This guarantees a comprehensive cleaning of your teeth, leaving them thoroughly refreshed and clean. Following the cleaning, we typically proceed with an examination, during which we evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, tongue, and overall oral cavity.

Prioritize Your Dental Health:

Schedule your appointment for teeth cleanings in Lake Forest today to prioritize your dental health. Regular cleanings not only contribute to a healthier smile but also help prevent oral health problems. Contact our dental office with any questions or to book your appointment. Our dedicated team is here to guide you in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. Call us today!

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