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Scaling & Root Planing in Lake Forest, CA


In cases of periodontal disease, swollen and unhealthy gums begin to recede from the teeth, creating pockets where plaque and tartar accumulate, leading to infection. During the scaling phase of treatment, the dentist or hygienist skillfully removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth and tooth roots. This is accomplished using a combination of hand tools and electronic instruments.

For individuals with gum disease, our dental team may recommend incorporating scaling and root planing, along with periodic maintenance checkups, into their routine dental visits, alongside regular cleanings and examinations.

While scaling and root planing cannot provide a complete cure for periodontal disease, it is highly effective in slowing down or halting its progression. The primary goal of this procedure is to eliminate plaque and tartar, which are laden with bacteria, and contribute to gum inflammation and bone loss. By removing these harmful substances, scaling and root planing can reduce the likelihood of future surgical interventions and help restore swollen and bleeding gums to a healthy and pink state.

What Is Scaling & Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing are widely recognized as the most effective treatment for patients diagnosed with gum disease, particularly periodontitis. It is also known as "deep cleaning" or "periodontal therapy." If you have periodontitis with a risk of worsening, your dentist may recommend scaling and root planing as a means of preventing the advancement of your gum disease. It is important to note that scaling and root planing may need to be repeated periodically to maintain optimal oral health despite the presence of the condition.

Procedure Overview:

  1. The tools commonly used during scaling and root planing include a scaler and a curette. These handheld instruments resemble metal chopsticks with sharp, curved tips. They are similar to the instruments used during regular dental cleanings. Through careful and gentle scraping along the tooth surface beneath the gum line, the dentist can pinpoint areas where tartar and plaque have accumulated.
  2. Alternatively, electronic scalers utilize ultrasonic vibration to effectively eliminate plaque and tartar. The vibrating metal tip of the tool breaks down tartar, while a water spray washes away debris during the process. This water spray also serves to keep the tip cool and comfortable.
  3. During the root planing phase, the dentist or hygienist smoothes the tooth root surface, making it more difficult for bacteria to adhere and promoting the reattachment of the gums. The same instruments used for scaling are utilized, with a focus on restoring rough areas to a smooth state. To further discourage bacterial growth, the dentist may apply a disinfectant or prescribe antibiotics.
  4. As the gums can be sensitive, especially when swollen from periodontitis, we ensure your comfort by numbing the gums before beginning the scaling and root planing treatment. Typically, only one or two quadrants of your mouth are treated at a time, allowing for localized anesthesia. This way, you can resume eating and drinking relatively normally once the anesthesia starts to wear off.


Discover the power of Scaling & Root planning in Lake Forest, a highly effective gum disease treatment. Our skilled dental team meticulously removes plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria, revitalizing your gum health and thwarting potential infections. Embrace the confidence of a healthier smile through our dedicated and comprehensive periodontal care. Your oral well-being is our priority. Call 949-787-1733 to embark on your journey to improved oral health.

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