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Oral Sedation in Lake Forest, CA


If you're anxious about dental visits, there's no need to worry anymore. At our practice, we understand that many patients face deep-seated fears and insecurities related to dental appointments. Our dedicated approach focuses on enhancing your comfort and eliminating worries, ensuring you receive the necessary treatment hassle-free.

Oral Sedation Services in Lake Forest:

At our practice, we offer oral sedation, a conscious sedation method designed to relax you during dental procedures. This option is especially suitable for those who feel uncomfortable about dental treatment or need extensive work. With oral sedation, you'll take an anti-anxiety pill about an hour before your appointment, allowing you to remain awake and responsive while feeling relaxed.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation, also known as "conscious sedation," aims to induce relaxation without rendering you unconscious. You'll be awake and capable of responding to the dentist's questions. Patients often describe feeling drowsy, carefree, and slightly disconnected from the procedure. Our dedicated team vigilantly oversees your level of sedation and monitors vital signs to guarantee your utmost comfort and safety.

Oral sedation involves benzodiazepines, medications prescribed for anxiety and panic disorders. To maximize its effectiveness, avoid eating or drinking non-clear liquids for at least six hours before your appointment. The medication's impact can be reduced if taken shortly after eating, potentially causing nausea.

Procedure Overview:

After treatment, you won't be able to drive due to the sedative effects of benzodiazepines, similar to alcohol. Please arrange for a companion to drive you to and from your appointment, as the effects of the medication may leave you feeling groggy as it wears off. For a minimum of 24 hours following oral sedation, abstain from driving or operating heavy machinery.

Children who are anxious or uncooperative during dental visits can also benefit from oral sedation. This approach not only minimizes discomfort but also fosters a positive view of dental care. After their appointment, children receiving oral sedation should be monitored for the day and avoid strenuous activities like sports.

Be cautious of potential interactions between benzodiazepines and other medications. Inform us in advance about prescriptions, over-the-counter products, or dietary supplements you're taking. Avoid alcohol consumption before and after oral sedation, as combining sedatives can be risky.

Oral Sedation for Nursing or Pregnant Women:

Oral sedation is not suitable for nursing or pregnant women. Individuals with heart, lung, or liver conditions are advised to consult their dentist or primary care physician before opting for oral sedation.

Overcome Dental Fears with Us:

Discover the benefits of oral sedation in Lake Forest. If dental anxiety holds you back, contact us at 949-787-1733 to discuss if conscious sedation is the right solution for you. Your comfort is our priority.

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